Digital Media Strategies 2019

Navigating the future of digital publishing

Day 1
02 Apr 2019
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and Refreshments

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gideon SpanierGlobal Head of Media, Campaign

The State of Digital Media

This session will focus on the trends in digital media. Where is the real success among information providers? How are traditional companies building digital success? We will discuss the success (or not) of global players and the lessons for media companies everywhere. We will also present exclusive financial analysis by The White Report of more than 1,000 UK media companies and highlight the implications of revenue and investment trends.
  • Who (and what) are the winners?
  • What are the business models of the future?
  • What's coming next?
Kinga InczeCEO, The White Report
Colin MorrisonCEO, Flashes & Flames

Leaders Panel Discussion Adapting to a Changing Revenue Model in a Competitive Market

The only constant is change. To survive in the media market, leading companies have diversified their revenue streams to stay afloat. Join this panel discussion to get the latest on the competition, and how industry leaders are evolving their business models to stay ahead of existing and new players.
  • Maintaining revenues and competing with digital giants
  • Finding a balance between traditional and modern media by using the right platforms
  • Adapting to the demands of your consumers in the face of market rivals
Ian McAuliffe CEO, Think Publishing
Claire BealeEditor-in-chief, Campaign
Claire BluntCOO and CFO, Hearst
Kevin CostelloCEO, Haymarket Media Group
11:00 - 11:25

Morning Refreshments and Networking

The growing importance of voice and purpose in a digital world The Stylist Group

After a radical restructure of the business to focus on a clear north star, The Stylist Group is deepening connections with women across a range of platforms and initiatives.
Ella DolphinCEO, The Stylist Group

Purpose and Trust How Readers Are Fuelling The Guardian’s Revenue Model

The Guardian’s innovative business model now generates more revenue from its readers than from advertising. Though the paper is approaching its 200th birthday, its constant drive to evolve and innovate has ensured that it not only survives, but finds a route to sustainability. Join this session to discover: How the Guardian evolved its business model to put readers at the heart of its strategy The journey to the 1 million milestone – so far more than 1 million readers have contributed financially to the Guardian in the last three years...
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Anna BatesonFirst Chief Customer Officer, Guardian News & Media

Leveraging the Power of a Huge Network

As the biggest publisher in the UK Reach Plc has a vast network of titles and users. And there’s strength in numbers if you know how to leverage that potential. Learn more from Eirik Svendsen about how to use data to build an understanding of our users and to identify high yielding, transactional context to expand and grow as a digital business. Discover the key pillars of their strategy:
  • Hyperlocal focus to rally community engagement and high-attention destination products
  • Large scale network to draw in and engage users
  • Innovation in new monetisation model to drive engagement and profit
  • People and culture focus to maximise the immense potential of Reach Plc
Eirik SvendsenChief Innovation Officer, Reach Plc
12:50 - 13:50

Networking lunch

Fireside Chat Tortoise Media

Get insights into Tortoise, the biggest journalism project ever on Kickstarter, being launched in April by James Harding, former editor of The Times and head of BBC News and Katie Vanneck-Smith, former President of the Wall Street Journal. Does the world really need another news brand? Tortoise claims to blend "live, digital and print journalism. The service is built for, and with, our members, around a business model that is responsible, sustainable ... and blissfully pop-up free. We’re not owned by a proprietor with an axe to grind and we’re independent of political party or commercial agenda”.

For us, it’s not simply about driving readership or just selling subscriptions. It’s about belonging – being part of it is more important than just paying for it.

Gideon SpanierGlobal Head of Media, Campaign
Liz MoseleyMembers’ Editor, Tortoise Media

Editorial Panel Discussion Finding The Balance Between Commercial Revenues And Editorial Content

Brand loyalty is a powerful tool to win over the hearts and minds of current, and also potential, consumers. By demonstrating your business to be reliable, genuine and innovative, you can boost engagement and also commercial revenues. Explore the opportunities available to your business in this panel discussion with leading experts to understand how branding can impact your monetised content whilst maintaining integrity.
  • Drive revenue growth through content lead approaches that are in-line with your company brand
  • Balance advertising revenues with content integrity - how much is too much?
  • Use real-time analytics to define the user journey and maximise its success
Lydia MossahebiHead of Editorial, Beano Studios
Priya MatadeenGM Commercial, Dazed Media
Susie Boone Editorial Director,
Nicola KempTrends Editor, Campaign
Matt HillEditor-in-Chief, Digital Spy
Bryan GlickEditor-in-Chief, Computer Weekly
15:00 - 15:30

Afternoon Refreshments

Case study How to Expand Your Customer Journey into an Online Marketplace

What Car? is the UK’s biggest car-buying brand and has remained digitally profitable for over 15 years. In this session, learn more about how they have expanded the scope of their brand, whilst maintaining complete transparency and trust in the relationship with their audience.
  • Data-fuelled insights on how your audience is prepared to interact with you
  • Extending a brand to incorporate new functions for the audience
  • Maintaining the trust of an audience in the media commerce space
Rachael PrasherMD, Automotive

Developing an Engaged Audience: Boosting Retention with a Subscription Model

The vogue of the digital era is a return to subscription models across the media market, from online streaming platforms and broadcasters, to news outlets and magazines. By implementing a secure subscription model, you cultivate a reliable and invested audience who perceive value in your brand and drive business goals. Learn from one of the industry’s leading experts in this session, which will include:
  • How to implement and develop a successful subscription model
  • Maintaining and supporting your subscription model to continually hit targets and retain your audiences
  • Methods of measuring your success to respond to the needs of your audience
Marina HaydnEVP, Managing Director of Global Circulation, The Economist
16:30 - 16:40

Chair’s closing remarks


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Digital Media Strategies 2019 Agenda

Day 1
03 Apr 2019
09:00 - 09:30

Registration and Refreshments

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Gideon SpanierGlobal Head of Media, Campaign

Together is Better: Collaboration through The Ozone Project

The Ozone Project was created in response to the greater demand for brand safety, trust and data governance, and in response to the lack of supply-chain transparency, and alarming increases in ad fraud. This collaboration between News UK, Telegraph Media Group, Reach PLC and Guardian News & Media is a landmark event in the industry. But what have they achieved so far? Join this session to get the inside scoop on the reasons for and journey to its creation, development, and the impact it’s beginning to have on the industry.
  • Learn why The Ozone Project was created, hear about the journey undertaken to pool together digital display ad inventory and discover what it hopes to achieve
  • Consider the effectiveness of the joint venture and how it matches up to industry competition
  • Explore the process of creating a centralised platform to benefit advertisers
Gideon SpanierGlobal Head of Media, Campaign
Dora MichailManaging Director, Commercial Growth, The Telegraph
Hamish NicklinChief Revenue Officer, The Guardian
Piers NorthGroup Digital Director, Reach plc
Dominic Carter Group Chief Commercial Officer, News UK
Damon ReeveChief executive, Ozone Project
10:30 - 11:00

Morning Refreshments and Networking

Going from 350 brands in 2011 to 7 today seemed to make sense but why?

In a word: Focus. This is certainly the case for Ascential plc, who have transformed their strategy over the last seven years.
  • Successfully incorporating a digital focus within the business model
  • Growing in quality and not quantity, but also identifying select acquisitions with great potential
  • Empowering global commerce to support innovation
Duncan PainterCEO, Ascential Plc

Why Are Trade Shows So Valuable?

Even as digital continues to take hold, private equity firms are currently investing heavily in trade shows. But why? Why are exhibitions so profitable? Join this session with Philip Soar to get the inside scoop on what makes exhibitions so hot, and how they might work for your business.
  • Discover the reasons behind the steady and consistent performance of trade shows
  • Explore the impact of trade shows on the bottom line
  • Consider the role of digital technology within the exhibition space
Philip SoarChairman and CEO, CloserStill Group

Case study How To Build a Sustainable and Global B2B Business With a Lean Philosophy

Skift is a global travel industry platform launched by the founder of paidContent. Learn how Skift is building a global B2B information business in a market formerly dominated around the world by domestic companies.
  • How Skift uses research and events to grow its influence - and revenue
  • Its organic expansion into adjacent verticals & its M&A strategy
  • Lessons Skift has learned along the way
Rafat AliCEO/Founder, Skift
12:30 - 14:00

Networking Lunch

The DriveTribe Story: Commercialising a Verticalized Social Platform

As a new player in the automotive landscape, DriveTribe has discovered a successful business model that provides a community environment for branded content and data generation. Learn more about how they identify and implement catalysts for audience and revenue growth, from ambassadors to celebrity influencers and brands.
  • Catalysts for global platform growth, from community ambassadors to blended content models.
  • Refining the brand, product, and customer propositions
  • Building a differentiated commercial business position
Jim Murray JonesCMO, DriveTribe

Fluidity Across Platforms: How to Create a Consistent and Seamless User Journey

The number of online platforms is increasing by the day. This expansion demands a tailored approach to each channel, to reach your audience and build traction. Follow in the footsteps of an organisation who have cracked the code and successfully leveraged a variety of digital platforms to boost their success.
  • Does an agnostic approach to different content platforms increase engagement
  • How to approach the most popular social media platforms?
  • How does content vary between online channels and traditional media outlets?
Ellen Stewart Head of Platforms, PinkNews

Tapping into International Markets: India Case Study

As the largest English-speaking market outside of the UK itself, and the world’s sixth-largest economy,  India demonstrates enormous potential for media houses. Latest industry research demonstrates that the print industry in India has more than doubled in the last ten years. But what can we learn from this? Join this session to get the inside scoop on tapping into new and previously uncharted markets.
  • The Indian market and its implications for UK and European media markets
  • How to adapt your strategy to cater for a range of upcoming and unique international markets
  • Diversifying revenue streams in new and emerging environments
Vanita Kohli-KhandekarColumnist, Business Standard, India
15:30 - 15:50


Panel DiscussionHow to Unleash the Potential of Podcasts to Expand Your Audience

Podcasts are available anytime, anywhere, and on any topic. It’s no surprise that podcasts are popping up everywhere, and positively booming in the UK and abroad. But how to approach these? Is it best to work with an existing podcast, or create your own?
  • Learn how to create a successful podcast that generates a community of attentive listeners
  • Consider what topics would make most sense for your organisation and its brand
  • Tap into the potential of podcasts: expand your audience and provide them with industry knowledge
Omar Oakes Global Technology Editor, Campaign
Jon ManelPodcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service English
Sophie HerdmanContent Director, Acast
Matt McAllesterManaging Director, Intelligence Squared

Case study How traditional media can capitalise on E-commerce

E-Commerce is becoming increasingly important for brands to grow, develop, and tap into a plethora of alternative revenue streams. Learn how Future Plc has leveraged media commerce as a tool for revenue growth and diversity, whilst expanding on their global circulation of 1.3 million.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Future Plc as they move into new markets
  • Discover how to monetise your existing client base to find success in alternative revenue streams
  • Explore the potential opportunities that lie in E-Commerce for media businesses
Zillah Byng-ThorneCEO, Future Plc
16:50 - 17:00

Chair’s closing remarks


Close of conference

Digital Media Strategies 2019 Agenda


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