Digital Media Strategies 2019

Driving Digital Media Forward

Day 1
02 Apr 2019
09:30 - 09:40

Chair’s Opening Remarks

The State of the Global Digital Media Market

In the ever-changing media world, knowledge is power. This presentation will demonstrate how industry experts have capitalised on market trends to drive business success. Join us to learn about the place of print publications in the digital age, and the latest trends and strategies in media.
  • Learn who the movers and shakers in the market are and why they have led the way
  • Explore successful business models and the strategies that have bolstered their position in the market
  • Get up to speed on the latest M&A activity, including companies outside the publishing sector

How Consumer Habits And Expectations Are Changing And What It Means For Media Companies

Previously, traditional media catered to basic consumer demands such as quality content at a fair price. Yet, the rise of disruptive technology has brought with it greater expectations and has evolved consumer habits, including a need for a personalised, immediate and consistent user journey. Failing to satisfy this, consumers will turn to your competitors. Therefore, your company’s branding and how you apply technology are vital in order to retain a loyal and engaged audience.
  • Discover what the modern consumer expects, and how to cater to their needs
  • Leverage emerging technologies to develop your customer experience journey
  • Explore the importance of branding and how it galvanises consumer loyalty
10:40 - 11:25

Morning refreshment break

Leaders Panel Discussion Adapting to a Changing Revenue Model in a Competitive Market

The only constant is change. To survive in the media market, leading companies have diversified their revenue streams to stay afloat. Join this panel discussion to get the latest on the competition, and how industry leaders are evolving their business models to stay ahead of existing and new players.
  • Maintaining revenues and competing with digital giants
  • Finding a balance between traditional and modern media by using the right platforms
  • Adapting to the demands of your consumers in the face of market rivals

Case study How traditional media can capitalise on E-commerce

Today’s digital media marketplace is a fluid ecosystem, where large organisations can tap into a wide variety of alternative revenue streams. Learn how to adopt an innovative approach to digital opportunities, by moving into the media commerce space.
  • Discover how to monetise your existing client base to find success in alternative revenue streams.
  • Explore the potential opportunities that lie in E-Commerce for media businesses.
12:35 - 14:00

Networking lunch

Panel SessionUnleashing the Potential of Podcasts: Position Yourself as an Industry Leader to Expand Your Audience

Podcasts are available anytime, anywhere, and on any topic. It’s no surprise that podcasts are popping up everywhere, and positively booming in the UK and abroad. Companies seen to be creating podcasts demonstrate their innovation, readiness to adapt to new technology, and cutting-edge insights on industry news and discussions. What are you waiting for?
  • Learn how to create a successful podcasts that generates a community of attentive listeners
  • Consider what topics would make most sense for your organisation and its brand
  • Tap into the potential of podcasts: expand your audience and provide them with industry knowledge

Developing an Evergreen Audience: Boosting Retention with a Subscription Model

The vogue of the digital era is a return to subscription models across the media market, from online streaming platforms and broadcasters, to news outlets and magazines. By implementing a secure subscription model, you guarantee a reliable and invested audience who will believe in your brand, and offer significant conversion rates.
  • How to implement and develop a successful subscription model
  • Maintaining and supporting your subscription model to continually hit targets and retain your audiences
  • Methods of measuring your success to respond to the needs of your audience
15:20 - 16:05

Afternoon refreshment break

Maximise Advertising Revenue Without Compromising Your Integrity and Trust

Advertising is a powerful business tool, but only when you strike the right balance between profit and consumer trust. This session will demonstrate a successful example of finding the right balance between sponsored content and editorial integrity.
  • Take a look at a successful content model that relies on a profitable advertising stream
  • Discover some of the best ways to generate sponsored content that appeals to your audience
  • Maximise the potential of advertising opportunities by adopting a tailored approach

Views from the Editors: Finding The Balance Between Commercial Revenues And Editorial/ Content Integrity to Create Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is a powerful tool to win over the hearts and minds of current, and also potential, consumers to boost engagement and also commercial revenues. Explore the opportunities available to your business to understand how branding can impact your monetised content whilst maintaining integrity.
  • Drive revenue growth through content lead approaches that are in-line with your company brand
  • Balance advertising revenues with content integrity - how much is too much?
  • Use real-time analytics to define the user journey and maximise its success
17:00 - 17:10

Chair’s closing remarks


Close of conference

Digital Media Strategies 2019 Agenda

Day 1
03 Apr 2019

Chair’s opening remarks

The Future of Social Media Commerce

Word-of-mouth has stood the test of time as one of the fastest and most effective methods of advertising and marketing. As more and more people engage with others online, you cannot ignore the impact of social commerce as a means of driving engagement and traffic to your brand. Yet, this requires a nuanced and savvy approach to harness the power of opportunities for effective online marketing.
  • How social commerce can change the way your audience interact with your brand
  • Methods of growing your audience and reaching new markets by using data
  • Ways of reporting content performance to optimise and inform future strategy

Fluidity Across Platforms: How to Create a Consistent and Seamless User Journey

The number of online platforms is increasing by the day. This expansion demands a tailored approach to each channel, to reach your audience and build traction. Follow in the footsteps of an organisation who have cracked the code and successfully leveraged a variety of digital platforms to boost their success.
  • Does an agnostic approach to different content platforms increase engagement?
  • How to approach the most popular social media platforms?
  • How does content vary between online channels and traditional media outlets?

Panel discussion Using Data to Demystify your Consumer and Create Trust and Relevance

Do you really know who your audience is? With a fragmented audience it can be difficult to identify your consumer and their particular needs. However, by examining the available data, you can really get under the skin of your audience. This invaluable insight into the minds of you consumers unlocks the potential to keep them engaged and loyal to your content. In this panel discussion, learn from the experts about how to use data to generate content and stimulate commercial activity.
  • Create tailored and monetised content that engages your audience and delivers high conversion rates
  • Identify guaranteed and loyal consumers by making sense of repeat data patterns
  • Navigate the complexity of data regulation in the process of getting to know your audience
11:20 - 11:50

Morning refreshment break

Latest media regulation updates: setting new standards in the digital supply chain

With the rise of fake news, mistrust of advertising streams and the impact of online platforms on the media industry, there is great demand for further regulation. But what measures strike the right balance between online safety, freedom of expression, and right to information?
  • Striking the balance between online safety, freedom of expression, and freedom of information
  • National Media Council (NMC) Digital Media Regulations

An Exploration Into Exclusively Online Brands and How They Work

Latest research reveals that one in every five pounds is spent online in the UK. E-Commerce is, of course, a well-established global multi-million dollar industry, and a business model that industry giants rely on to drive their profit margins. What are the most effective strategies to move into this space?
  • Explore how to connect with larger audiences
  • Learn how leading online brands have leveraged technology to boost sales and profit margins
  • Respond to the demands of your consumers with a tailored E-Commerce strategy
12:50 - 13:50

Networking Lunch

Tapping into International Markets: India Case Study

As the largest English-speaking market outside of the UK itself, and the world’s sixth-largest economy,  India demonstrates enormous potential for media houses. Latest industry research demonstrates that the print industry in India has more than doubled in the last ten years. But what can we learn from this? Join this session to get the inside scoop on tapping into new and previously uncharted markets.
  • The Indian market and its implications for UK and European media markets
  • How to adapt your strategy to cater for a range of upcoming and unique international markets
  • Diversifying revenue streams in new and emerging environments

Striking the Balance between Structure-Centric and Customer-Centric models

Redefine the meaning of a successful business model by bridging the gap between your commercial and editorial teams. This way, you can curate content that delivers a real impact for your audience, and feeds into your overall business strategy. It’s all about creating an editorial content calendar that hits the sweet spot between company profit and customer value.
  • Create an editorial calendar that meets the demand of your business strategy
  • Set up metrics to gauge customer interaction and learn how to adjust for any discrepancies
  • Marry your business strategy and profit margins with customer satisfaction and value
15:00 - 15:10

Chair’s closing remarks


Close of conference

Digital Media Strategies 2019 Agenda


The agenda is subject to change