2018 Sponsors

ADYOULIKE is the leading global in-feed native advertising platform. Launched in 2011, it is a pioneer in native technology and creating advertising experiences for users that mirror the websites they are visiting. Using its own native supply-side platform (SSP) and native technology platform, the company enables brands to scale native advertising campaigns across premium publishers, while publishers benefit from access to ADYOULIKE’s marketplace and leading artificial intelligence technology.

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In 2018 PA celebrates its 150th year as the UK’s leading provider of multimedia content and services. Established as the Press Association in 1868, PA remains the national news agency for the UK and Ireland, serving a broad range of customers including major media and digital brands around the world.

PA’s daily output spans News, Sport, Entertainment and more, providing a rich mix of words, images, data APIs, hosted live blogs, graphics and social media curation. Alongside its real-time coverage, PA’s produces PA Ready, a 24-hour supply of ready-to-publish, multi-asset content that publishers can plug directly into their platforms with no additional editorial effort required. Articles cover a range of topics including Finance, Real Life, Motoring, Sci Tech, Lifestyle and Viral.

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Seedtag is the leading In-Image platform for EMEA and LATAM. We partner with publishers to transform their images into premium advertising inventory, enabling them to generate significant extra revenue from brands without compromising the user experience.

Our technology provides human-like understanding of content by combining precise multiple feature recognition from text and images together with the power of Machine Learning. All this data fuels our Hybrid Targeting Engine in real time to provide unmatched cookie-free targeting capabilities.

By integrating our technology, publishers can now allow brands to be present within very relevant environments with Display or Video Ad units with viewability ratios of over 85%.

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StylePoints (www.stylepoints.com) helps publishers and brand advertisers comply with GDPR by providing the incentive and value exchange for unknown users to become known, permissioned users. Users’ tastes, interests and “styles” are captured when they engage with editorially-relevant quizzes, polls and games while consuming online content across a coalition of media partners. Users are invited to share this data with brands and websites they trust. When they do so, they earn a digital currency called StylePoints.

A user’s style is more than just what they wear, it is how they live. By learning more about an individuals’ preferences from food to fashion, travel to tech and health to home, brands and publishers can create a more relevant and targeted digital experience in terms of both content and ads.

StylePoints’ advisory board includes senior executives from both the publishing and advertising sectors as well as one of the founding members of Nectar. StylePoints disrupts the traditional “transactional loyalty” model (i.e., buy something, get points) by rewarding users much earlier in the purchase decision journey, during the brand awareness and consideration phase. By rewarding engagement, brands enjoy a dialogue with consumers before and between purchases while publishers can offer targeted and relevant content as well as better attribution measurement to their advertisers.

To find out more www.stylepoints.com

Media Partners

WARC offers advertising best practice, evidence and insights from the world’s leading brands. WARC helps clients in over 100 countries grow their businesses by using proven approaches to maximise advertising effectiveness. WARC’s clients include the world’s largest advertising and media agencies, brands, research companies and universities. With 12,000+ effectiveness case studies, 2,000+ event reports, plus best practice guides, consumer insights and trend analysis in one place, WARC is designed to support your business proposals and improve marketing effectiveness.

Take a look at www.warc.com
Contact us at: enquiries@warc.com


Sponsoring Digital Media Strategies is an opportunity to develop relationships and present thought leadership to the industry’s key figures all under one roof.

It is a chance to capitalise on the engaged relationship that Campaign has with its community and have targeted conversations on relevant issues with pre-qualified attendees.

We use our extensive networking and events knowledge to provide all sponsors with an end-to-end service, ensuring that you get the most from every opportunity and are regarded not just as a technology company, but as a partner to the industry.

There are a number of ways to get involved, which can be tailored to your current marketing objectives, ranging from keynote speaking opportunities to prominent branding exercises. Please get in touch with Andrew.mcarthur@haymarket.com  for more information.

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