Digital Media Strategies 2018

Creating a sustainable mixed revenue model powered by digital

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Day 1 Agenda 2018


Welcome from the Chair

09:10 – 09:30

Distributed news and what people think of it

Rasmus Nielsen, Director of Research, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Professor of Political Communication, University of Oxford. Editor-in-Chief, the International Journal of Press/Politics

09:30 – 10:10

Creating sustainable revenues: Innovation and evolution of the blended revenue model

As publishers continue to grapple with their upturned business model, many have taken the bold move to e commerce and continue to look at how they can diversify their assets and grow a sustainable revenue through product development and ad mix. Our panel of experts discussed how they have managed to buck the trend of declining figures.

Zillah Byng-Thorne, Chief Executive, Future Plc

Kevin Costello, Chief Executive, Haymarket Media Group

Christine Petersen Chief Executive, Time Out Digital

James WildmanPresident & CEO, Hearst Magazines UK

10:10 – 10:35

Exploring the trends and innovations shaping the future of media

A look ahead 5 years at new consumer values and the future of the media industry. What does fragmentation of media markets mean in the years ahead and how can legacy brands stay relevant and agile enough to keep up with pure play brands?

Trevor Hardy, Chief Executive, The Future Laboratory

10:35 – 10:50

Seedtag: Turning images into premium inventory

Jorge Poyatos, Co-founder, Seedtag

Sergio Tallón, VP Business Development EMEA, Seedtag



11:15 – 11:45

Challenging and changing perceptions: Using smart creative, clever media buying, and cutting-edge technology to secure the future of a media brand

Mark Beard, Senior Vice President, Digital Media & Content Strategy, The Economist

11:45 – 12:15

Ad blocking update and effective mitigation strategies

This talk provided an update on the continued threat of ad blocking to the traditional publishing model. It also detailed a number of effective strategies that can be employed by publishers to monetise this user group.

Nick Flood, Deputy MD, Dennis Publishing

12:15 – 12:45

Diversifying into Commerce – How The Telegraph is pioneering new ways of monetising content

The UK’s best selling quality newspaper, The Telegraph, recently unveiled a bold new vision and strategy aimed at securing a sustainable future for quality journalism in the 21st century; central to which is registrations. This session explored how the 162 year old publisher plans to reach its goal of acquiring 10 million registered customers through quality journalism and its commerce businesses, namely financial solutions, travel and events.

Peter Lindsay, Chief Strategy Officer, The Telegraph

12:45 – 13:10

The Book Family – How editorial content verticals combine high quality content with strategic advertising partnerships

  • Expanding a new editorial content strategy next to our core platform BILD – Launching the ‘Book-Family’
  • It’s not all about data: Content and branding is still king for market leading advertising clients
  • Best cases and KPI on how to integrate advertising partners in the long-term
  • Marketing Strategy with combined PR-Cases and Events

Lars Moll, General Manager Brand Partnerships & New Business, Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH & Co. KG

Michael Beck, Head of Content Verticals, SPRING Axel Springer Digital News Media GmbH



14:10 – 14:35

Monetising audio: Creating a new revenue stream through the Digital Audio Exchange (DAX)

  • 5.5 million people in the UK listen to podcasts every week
  • 40% of households are predicted to own a voice activated device by early 2018
  • Adverts in audio streams have a listen-through rate of 95%

The facts are hard to ignore, audio is fast becoming the most important channel for publishers to tap into as a viable and successful revenue stream. More audio is being created, streamed and shared than ever before and we listen to it morning, noon and night. This session explored how DAX can support publishers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of campaigns as part of the media mix, driving real and measurable results for brands and ensuring advertisers come back for more.

Ryan Rummery, Head of DAX, digital & mobile, Global

14:35 – 15:05

The Big Interview: Guardian’s Reader First Strategy

In a fractured digital landscape more publishers are looking to diversify their revenue streams and ‘pivot to readers’. Guardian News and Media has been at the forefront of this strategy – announcing in Nov 2017 they have over 800,000 paying supporters and over half its revenue now comes directly from readers.

Anna Bateson is the first chief customer officer for Guardian News & Media and is responsible for growing all reader-focused revenue, including its membership, subscriptions and contributions programmes. Anna gave us the inside track on how The Guardian is developing and executing its strategy.

Anna Bateson, Chief Customer Officer, The Guardian

15:05 – 15:35

Audience and your purpose: Vision and purpose trumps views

Establishing a sense of purpose and feeling of identity & ambition is crucial to the running of the most effective businesses in this era. This session considered how content through video can create true belonging, legacy and brand love by exuding this purpose in what you do, even through football.

James Kirkham, Head of COPA90


Afternoon Refreshment



16:05 – 16:20

Using data to deliver personalised and relevant content

Andy Kulina, Founder & CEO, StylePoints

16:20 – 16:50

Meeting demand: Harnessing AI to support local and regional news output

At a time when news outlets are demanding more and more very local content, RADAR (Reporters and Data and Robots) – an automated news service from PA and Urbs Media – will harness artificial intelligence to support good journalistic endeavour in order to produce a huge volume of stories that could never be produced by reporters alone. Peter Clifton, Editor in Chief of PA, shared insights and industry responses to this ground-breaking initiative.

Peter Clifton, Editor in Chief, PA


Close of day one