Andy Kulina

Andy Kulina’s career started with Kroger, where he was the technical lead on the launch of what is now the largest supermarket loyalty programme in the USA, Kroger Plus.

He moved to the UK in 1998 and continued to work with retailers, FMCG brands and banks as a “loyalty consultant”, creating customer engagement, growth and retention strategies to fit their target audiences and to also leverage the ever-changing landscape of consumer channels, including web, mobile & social media.

As consumption of media continued to move from print to digital and Google and Facebook emerged as fierce competitors for advertising budgets, Andy developed a concept to help both publishers and brand advertisers drive engagement with their digital audiences.   He saw similarities in digital media to challenges faced by retailers like Kroger 20 years ago: media owners knew how many “customers” they had, they knew what they were reading/viewing, but not “who” the users were.   The idea for StylePoints was born from the principle of creating a value exchange and incentive for an unknown user to become known.

At the age of 50, with his parents’ garage too far away to move into (and a wife and two kids who wouldn’t appreciate it), Andy became “the unexpected entrepreneur” and  founded StylePoints.