Christine Petersen

Time Out Digital

Christine Petersen

Q: What is the most important challenge to address at DMS this year?
As we evolve Time Out as a digital, transactional business – like so many other companies – one of the key challenges in the industry is to find and successfully establish innovative, sustainable commercial strategies which meet our needs to drive growth and solve a customer problem.

Q: What excites you the most about the media industry looking ahead at 2018?
As we live in a digital world, advertisers want to stand out and bring their brands to life, engaging consumers in exciting and unique experiences that reach far beyond a simple ad. Working directly with partners to develop innovative, bespoke campaigns spanning multi-channels and enabling them to connect with our great global audience is exciting – there is a real opportunity for the media industry to push boundaries to position brand partners in memorable ways.

Q: What is the biggest industry trend at the moment?
For Time Out, content has always been king. Seeing that unique content – curated by professional journalists and something we have delivered since 1968 – continues to be valued by users is incredibly. exciting. In fact, in a world of fake news I have the feeling that consumers value this authentic high-quality content from trusted brands like Time Out even more than ever before; and we are seeing more and more brands wanting to tap into this positive, brand-safe environment.

Q: What motivates you to do what you do?
I like solving problems. The consumer problem of “what should I do?”, whether as experienced by a local or a visitor, is a huge one. For decades Time Out has solved that through traditional print – now we’re making it happen not just digitally but through a variety of different channels available to reach our audiences – whether that’s online, social, video, mobile, print, events or voice. Working with our hugely talented team to explore these channels to deliver exciting, inspiring content for consumers, enable them to take action and develop innovative opportunities for our advertising clients is what fascinates me.

Ms Petersen was appointed CEO of the Group’s business division Time Out Digital in April 2017. She joined the Group in February 2016 as a Non-Executive Director of the Board, and will continue to serve on the Board as an Executive Director. Before joining Time Out Digital, Ms Petersen was involved with several early-stage start-ups and previously spent nearly a decade with TripAdvisor, serving as President of TripAdvisor for Business from 2010 to 2013 and as the company’s first Chief Marketing Officer overseeing marketing, product and partnerships from 2004 to 2010. Named one of the top 25 women in US travel in 2008 by Forbes Magazine, Ms Petersen also held a variety of management roles in digital travel and financial services companies, including Preview Travel, Travelocity (upon Preview Travel’s acquisition by Travelocity), Charles Schwab and Co., Fidelity Investments and American Express. Christine holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA in Economics from Colby College. She is also a board member of Bankrate, Inc. (NYSE: RATE) and Realself, Inc. an early stage healthcare media company based in Seattle.