Matt Roach


Matt Roach

Q: What is the most important challenge to address at DMS this year?
There is an urgent need for media players to find new, non-advertising based revenue models. The rise of the importance of customer experience is in open conflict with pummelling your proposition with irritating ads that make money.

Q: What excites you the most about the media industry looking ahead at 2018?
It’s undergoing revolutionary change – it’s fascinating to be part of it. I would expect to see something happen this year of resolving the ‘fake news’ crisis. It has to.

Q: What is the biggest industry trend at the moment?
For media companies, the growing use of ad blockers and potential for banning of cookies. For consumers, the undermining of factual content and the critical role of independent media in democracy with ‘fake news’ leading to a rise on autocracy.

Q: What motivates you to do what you do?
I am passionate about great content and great delivery. If you get those right, I think your future is secure.

Matthew Roach has been the Director of Optimisation (CRO), Analytics & Data Science at Sanoma, a €1.6B European Media Conglomerate, for the past three years. After spending the first year ‘fixing the basics’ and cleaning up the data, he initiated and now manages an ambitious digital product and marketing optimisation program to drive increased customer satisfaction, revenue/conversion and growth – by making Sanoma and its business ruthlessly customer centric and data-driven